Participation at the 1st Greek International Friendship Open Kyokushin Championship

On Sunday, October 22, 2023, students from our school showcased their skills and determination at the “1st Greek international friendship open Kyokushin championship” in Agria. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Shihan Katsandris Georgios and his team for their gracious invitation and exemplary hospitality.

Here are the accolades our dedicated students achieved:

  • George Kalantzis:
    • Kata: 🥈
    • Kumite: 🥇
  • Vaitsi Georgia:
    • Kata: 🥉
    • Kumite: 🥇
  • George Bethavas:
    • Kata: 🥇
    • Kumite: 🥇
  • Bouki Niki:
    • Kata: 🥉
  • Korba Vasiliki:
    Kata 🥉
  • Alexandros Baikou:
    Kata 🥈
  • Toka Vassilis:
    Kata 🥈, Tameshiwari (break)🥉
  • Bethava Dimitra:
    Kata 🥇
  • Spiros Kiatikidis:
    Kata 🥉, Kumite 🏆
  • Mavratza Ioanna:
    Kata 🥉

While awards are a wonderful recognition, the true reward was the experience itself, the friendships forged, and the lessons learned. We’re proud of all participants for their dedication and sportsmanship.

We extend our congratulations to every athlete at the championship and appreciate the camaraderie shown by all.

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